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Craig Goodmark

Since 1999, Mr. Goodmark has dedicated a majority of his practice to representing families, teachers and students in their pursuit of equality, fairness and justice in Georgia’s schools. Mr. Goodmark provides full service legal representation in all types of education law proceedings ranging from appearances at educational planning meetings to representing clients in complex federal litigation.

In addition, Mr. Goodmark works with a variety of stakeholders to ensure that students with disabilities in the most vulnerable circumstances, including court involved youth and those with mental illness or developmental disabilities, received their federally mandated right to free, appropriate public education. Working within the educational, juvenile justice and child welfare systems, Mr. Goodmark has presented to a multitude of stakeholders about the impact of the state and federal education laws on Georgia’s youth with disabilities.

Mr. Goodmark also commits a portion of his practice to securing and enforcing the constitutional rights of Georgia’s citizens. Mr. Goodmark has represented and secured positive outcomes for many clients seeking relief for the unlawful intrusion on their constitutionally guaranteed civil rights. From students unlawfully detained while at school, to teachers illegally terminated after exercising their First Amendment rights to freedom of speech, Mr. Goodmark has worked to ensure access to justice through the both state and the federal court system.


•    Education Law Attorney
•    Represents Families, Teachers and Students with Disabilities
•    Focus on Special Education Matters in Georgia
•    Constitutional/Civil Rights Practice for Georgia’s citizens
•    Student/Educator First Amendment Claims
•    Fourth Amendment Search/Seizure Claims
•    Open Records/Open Meetings Act Issues